Fishburn Mansion Getting a Facelift

D.E. Eakin and Sons is painting the Fishburn Mansion in Roanoke, Virginia, fall 2011 and winter 2011-12.The exterior renovations that began earlier this year have picked back up in earnest this fall. First came the new front columns last spring. Now, woodwork repairs and painting are underway.

The City of Roanoke has contracted with D.E. Eakin and Sons to do much of the current work. That provides a tie to the past, as Elmer Eakin — grandfather of Donnie, pictured below on the left — painted the Fishburn Mansion back in the late 1940s. Donnie Eakin is the son of Don Eakin, who owns D.E. Eakin and Sons.

The Eakins are getting significant help from Eddie Maxey (bottom photo), a gifted carpenter who works for our city. He is replicating the moldings and trim that needs repair on the Fishburn Mansion. You can see the scribed and coped (with a coping saw, us woodworkers love this stuff) poplar board he has just finished roughing out to now go and check for exact fit. Who says people don’t care about what they do?

Thank you to everyone who is working on this fine project. We can’t wait to see the final results!

Donnie Eakin and his team are scraping and painting the Fishburn Mansion in Mountain View, City of Roanoke, fall 2011.

Eddie Maxey of the City of Roanoke works on the Fishburn Mansion in Mountain View.

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